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Top tips for getting your children to read

Mon 06 Sep 2021    
Shaneer N. Siddiqui | 2 min read

If you want to equip your children with minds that are adept at reading and writing, imagining, and creating, experts from Swiss International School in Dubai, giving top tips to parents to engage their children with books.

  1. Choose books at the right reading level – having a child read something too difficult for them could discourage them from the activity, a good way to find out their level if you are not sure is by having them read to you from different books and asking them questions to see if they understand
  2. Choose books in line with their interests – this will show them that reading is another fun way to connect with what they like
  3. Take turns reading to each other – this will make the activity more interactive and less tiresome for them as they become stronger readers
  4. Make reading into a treat – take outings to the library or the bookstore and give them books as presents or rewards
  5. Be patient as they become familiar with the activity – taking the time choosing the right book and getting comfortable will allow reading to become enjoyable for them and give them the freedom to discover it at their own pace
  6. Choose a series of books – having continuity in the characters and the universe will make it easier for them to understand and being invested in a series will make them want to read more
  7. Discuss what they have read – having a conversation with them about the book can allow you to make sure they understand what they are reading about and have them engage with the story further
  8. Create a reading nook – choose a corner in the house or in their room for them to decorate with pillows, blankets, or posters to designate as a reading corner this will get them excited about using the space and reading

Source: Swiss International School in Dubai (

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