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Strange celebrity newsfeed bug is affecting thousands of users

Thu 25 Aug 2022    
| 2 min read

World: Several Facebook users across the world have reported a ‘glitch’ after noticing their news feeds were filled with odd celebrity posts recently.

Instead of updates from pages they follow, many people shared screenshots of their homepage feeds crowded by random messages from fans to the pages of major celebs.

Among the most frequent stars were Adam Sandler, Billie Eilish, Snoop Dogg, Harry Styles and Eminem.

Some have suggested the social media platform has either ‘glitched’ or been ‘hacked’, with hundreds of people taking to Twitter to discuss the unusual predicament from 6.30 am.

According to DownDetector, which offers real-time monitoring of outages with popular sites and services, the issue hit its peak with 2,692 reported Facebook issues, as opposed to its baseline of four. Facebook glitch celebrity post

The technical fault appears to have impacted users across the globe, with reports of problems coming from Australia, the US and the UK. Facebook glitch celebrity post

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Source: Agencies

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