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Statement from Jebel Ali port on portfire incident

Thu 08 Jul 2021    
| < 1 min read

Dubai: The fire that broke out in Jebel Ali Port yesterday occurred in a container in a ship carrying flammable materials. Dubai Civil Defense, Dubai Police, and other related authorities took rapid action at the site to fully put out the fire in under 40 minutes. Prudent action ensured that operations were not affected in any way due to the incident, which occurred in the older Terminal 1, used only for small ships. Terminal 2, 3, and 4 of the Port, where big ships dock and offload their cargo, continued normal operations even during the incident.

Casualties were avoided also due to the quick action of Jebel Ali Port’s officials who ordered an evacuation of the vessel and the immediate area when a leakage and smoke was seen.

Following the fire, Dubai Civil Defense, Jebel Ali Port, Dubai Police, and other relevant authorities also took immediate measures to ensure operations across the Port, including Terminal 1 where the incident took place, continued normally without any interruption.

Jebel Ali Port authorities are continuing an extensive investigation on the cause of the fire and its circumstances.

Source: GDMO

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