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Shutting Stories down!

Thu 02 Sep 2021    
| < 1 min read

Starting September 30, 2021, the social media platform Linkedin has decided to discontinue the current stories experience. The news comes shortly after Twitter announced it is planning to put an end to its take of the stories format named Fleets. Although, the stories feature that started first with Snapchat that spread to other platforms has done well but that isn’t the case with neither Twitter nor LinkedIn. Once the deadline has passed, users will not be able to create Stories for Pages, as well as if there is a LinkedIn ad that runs between stories, that would be instead shared to the actual feed. 

If the case is that there is a sponsored Story created via the page in Campaign Manager, that would not be visible in the LinkedIn Feed. It would have to be recreated in the Campaign Manager as a video or an image.  

LinkedIn has stated that it plans to focus on providing short-form rich interactive content that is unique to the service that helps users reach and engage audiences. 

They also plan to bring audio to other features on LinkedIn such as events and groups.

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