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Indian Pavilion at Expo 2020: A journey to the Discovery of Modern India

Tue 23 Mar 2021    
| 6 min read

Expo 2020 Dubai is scheduled to be staged from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022, and India is ready to showcase its business, technological, cultural, art and leadership strength to the world during this mega event. More than 200 participants including countries, corporates and different multinational institutions are participating in Expo 2020 and more than 25 million visitors are expected to visit the expo 2020.

Last week the Indian Consulate in Dubai has released a video on Twitter, explaining the themes, design and events that India will showcase at its pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Releasing the video on Twitter, the Indian Consulate said in Arabic the the India pavilion will showcase to the world, #IndiaAt75 [75 years of India’s independence]. It will present a new and dynamic India with its never-ending opportunities.

Talking to The Brew, Consul (Press & Information) at Indian Consulate, Siddhartha Kumar Baraily informed that the total cost of the Indian pavilion at expo 2020 site is around 69 million USD and the progress of the India pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai site is at per schedule and almost 75% completed, including flooring, utilities, facade, and painting. The project management team working on India Pavilion is optimistic of physical completion of the Pavilion by end of April 2021 and then works like curation and exhibition-related work will be done.  India Pavilion will be handed over to Expo 2020 team by end of July 2021.

He explained it is an amazing opportunity to strengthen India’s diplomatic and business relations with UAE. India UAE trade is on a growth trajectory and we are hopeful of achieving the figure of USD100bn in bilateral trade in the near future.

Expo 2020 will give an opportunity to the Indian businesses and companies to promote themselves and provide them with a global platform for tapping the markets in the region. They will be able to showcase their goods and technologies across the sectors to the clientele from UAE as well as other countries particularly the Middle East, CIS countries and Africa.

As State Government bodies will also be participating each state will be able to project its art, culture, heritage etc to the Expo visitors. Hence, Expo 2020 will help in boosting the overall image of India. Expo 2020 will also give India an opportunity to showcase diversity of Indian culture and encourages Emiratis – and others – to discover different parts of India.

Indian pavilion details and theme

The India Pavilion features a kinetic facade of developed as a mosaic of rotating panels which depict different themes as they rotate on their axis. It represents the theme of “India on the move” and is a unique amalgam of rich heritage and technological advances of the nation.

The India Pavilion is State of the Art building, one of the largest pavilions at Expo and one of the 3 pavilions that would remain for posterity as India centre in the legacy phase.

The design elements would also reflect the vibrant diversity of India’s rich culture, heritage, thriving business milieu and multiple other aspects

A highly dynamic Pavilion where the showcasing changes every one/ two weeks in sync with changing themes of the Expo and with each new state coming in, the India Pavilion will bring to the World the Modern India, High on Technology and Innovations as it showcases the Best from India across all sectors and at the same time brings in the beauty of India Art, Culture and Cuisine for the visitors.

As India celebrates 75 Years of Modern India the India Pavilion will showcase India’s rise in the Modern world across all sectors and celebrate India@75 and share the vision for next 75 years.

India will also celebrate its festivals in its sprawling premises and invite all participants as it celebrates Diwali, Lohri, Pongal, Basant Panchami and Holi among others.

The Entire Pavilion is divided into two parts- Part A and Part B.

Part A is the India story taking the visitor through an experience and understanding of India while Part B is the Business showcasing – Thematically and by the various different States of India.

On the ground floor, as you enter the pavilion from Side A, the India Story side, you enter a tunnel that takes the visitor into space- taking them through India’s journey into Space, with Mars on one side showcasing the amazing story of India’s reach to Mars.

Then the visitor walks through Health and Wellness section where they walk through a forest of medicinal herbs and watch the various forms of Yoga for a healthy life

As you take the escalators and move to the First Floor- Endless Colours of India- taking the visitor through an immersive experience of visiting a State and walking through its landscapes and Art.

Second Floor- the floor that presents Endless Opportunities- “Make in India” (showcasing the various investment opportunities in doing business with India and investing in India) and India’s Partnership with UAE.

Third Floor- Brings you to the Corporate India showcasing India’s growing prowess in various sectors thematically across the period of six months. the companies and showcasing changes in accordance with the thematic calendar. This floor also brings you to the Multipurpose Hall where during the day you engage in business discussions and in the evenings sit back and enjoy a Movie.

Part B- while going down the other side of the Pavilion, the visitor will walk through

Second Floor- the industry sector floor showcasing the latest in industry in technology, products and services and unlimited opportunities for business ( this will cover thematically- Climate and Bio-Diversity; Space; Urban and Rural development; Smart Cities; Civil Aviation; SDGs; Education; Travel and Tourism; Smart Mobility; Health and Wellness; Agri and Food; Water; Youth; Women Leadership).

First Floor- States of India as they come on this floor one at a time for a period of week/ two weeks, to showcase the best of State and opportunities to the World. Each state will have business showcasing, investment opportunities, trade, technology, start-ups, technology, art craft, literature, culture and cuisine. food festival will have cuisines from the state showcasing at that point in time at the India Pavilion.

Ground Floor- as the visitor walks out, will be taken through an immersive experience section that will cover- 20 reasons to visit India( covering the particular state at that time), Conversations with Gandhi- an experience ( holographic system to engage) and Design your own Jewellery.

There is an Amphitheatre outside; a food court; restaurant and retail Area for visitors to indulge themselves.

Visitor experience

Visitors will have huge opportunity to understand India as an attractive destination and land of opportunities which is unique in the following respects.

A modern and technologically advanced nation which retains the connection with centuries old traditions, culture, etc.

A nation which is credited with the invention of zero in the ancient world and at the hub of the modern digital world as a world leader in IT & ITES. Software (IT & ITES) exports amounts to 45% of India’s total exports.

A favoured destination for healthcare services including holistic healing systems such as Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy as well as a leading provider of affordable advanced allopathic medical services with latest technology.

Global leader for Automobile spares, Automobiles and engineering products, automobiles, automobile components, textiles, leather, gems & jewelry, polished diamonds, pharma products, stones, processed food, etc.

Visitors would discover limitless opportunities to collaborate and partner for innovation, technology, research and investment in multiple areas including space sciences, bio-technology, IT & ITES, modern infrastructure & logistics, smart cities, education, healthcare, tourism, entertainment, hospitality, etc.

Visitors will be shown India’s rich cultural heritage, diverse flora & fauna, tourist destinations and much more through exhibits that extol the core value of “India calling the visitors as a land of limitless opportunities”.

Pictures – Supplied

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