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Dubai Police reminds parents about the dangers of leaving children in hot vehicles

Mon 06 Sep 2021    
| < 1 min read

DUBAI: The Dubai Police General Command has issued an advisory to parents and motorists on the deadly consequences of leaving children inside vehicles especially during hot weather when temperatures can reach 70 C in parked vehicles.

At the beginning of the summer season, the Force launched a campaign to emphasise the seriousness of such irresponsible deeds and to deliver an awareness message under the slogan “Never Leave a Child Alone in a Vehicle”.

Butti Al Falasi, Director of the Security Awareness Department at Dubai Police, confirmed that Dubai Police works tirelessly to analyse and tackle all safety and security-related issues all year round.

“We’ve spotted in several occasions parental negligence that thoughtlessly leaves children unattended inside cars either by mistake or to run errands unaware of the grave danger,” “Over the last seven months, we’ve rescued 39 children who were left in locked vehicles,” Al Falasi added.

Leaving children inside vehicles could lead to suffocation, loss of consciousness, and even death because of extreme heat and lack of oxygen.

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