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Analysis: ‘Projects of the 50’ is a strategic vision that targets the welfare of humanity

Tue 14 Sep 2021    
Guest View | 2 min read

ABU DHABI: In less than two weeks, the launch of the second set of the “Projects of the 50” by the UAE government came after the first set aimed to set a roadmap for a national programme in the UAE’s coming 50-year journey to empower people, unleash their creative energies, and creating a more competitive and attractive economic environment.

In its philosophy, the “Projects of the 50” initiative enhances the macroeconomy with new non-traditional tools and establishes an overall development cycle for the benefit of the coming generations.

The second set is not separate from the first in terms of overall goals despite having different objectives, and aim to benefit the UAE’s economy and production. It supports the creation of jobs, enhances the participation of national competencies, provides them with the best training opportunities, and enables them to join the labour market.

It is a long-term strategic vision focusing on the government and private sectors, development partners and aims to unleash creative energies in various fields.

The launch of the second set of strategic initiatives and projects to accommodate 75,000 Emiratis in the private sector over the next five years will help develop the private sector and receive the advantage from the capabilities and innovations of youth and encourage them to enter the labour market with high efficiency and competence.

The most important objective of this strategy is to establish a new cycle of national strategic projects aimed at starting a new era for the private sector in the country.

The second set is gleaned from the UAE’s strong economic base in all sectors and areas. The launch emphasises the continuous support of the UAE government to encourage Emirati youth to join the private sector and provide a stable investment environment for all, through a forward-thinking vision for the future.

This set is expected to yield a number of positive outcomes, such as attracting national cadres in the private sector, especially at the labour market level, and expanding the base of the national workforce, which is supported by the strength and solidity of the private sector in the country and its steady growth and diversity of jobs.

The first and second sets and all the other sets of the “Projects of the 50” emphasise that human capital and the welfare of humanity are the targets of development, which mirrors the unwavering approach of the UAE since the establishment of the Union.

-By Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director-General of the Emirates News Agency (WAM)

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