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Abdu Rozik reacts to “nasty” trolls after his wedding announcement: “I also deserve to be happy”

Wed 15 May 2024    
| 2 min read

Abdu Rozik took social media by storm after he announced that he would be getting married to an Emirati girl named Amira in July 2024. However, he faced backlash from several netizens, with some speculating that it could be a PR stunt or a promotion for a new music video.

Recently, Abdu shared a new video on his Instagram handle and reacted to the ‘nasty’ trolls. He said that his wedding announcement is becoming no less than a ‘nightmare.’

Abdu said, “I want to say the negative comments and those who are making fun of me and being nasty is very sad. Imagine Amira and her family are reading these comments. We went public after a lot of discussion and reluctance and unfortunately it is going from best news to a nightmare.”

Further, he added, “People get married who are deaf blind no arms no legs but because I’m small you make fun of me. My health is good allhamdulillah and I deserve to be happy also.”

He also requested that people be kind to each other. “At the end of day we don’t know how our children will look and these jokes are damaging and affect people mentally, we need to learn to love and be kind first then educate others,” Rozik added.

Abdu concluded, “I used to be ashamed of who I am and my size and many families used to hide their children who are like me. But now allhamdulillah I and all the others like me have to stand tall and be accepted.”

(This article is published under a mutual content partnership arrangement between The Brew News and The Free Press Journal)

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