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51.8 °C, Is it the hottest temperature ever recorded in the UAE?

Mon 07 Jun 2021    
| 2 min read

On Sunday, the UAE recorded its highest temperature of this season at 51.8 degrees Celsius. The National Meteorological Center (NCM) said that the temperature was recorded at 2.30 pm on Sunday in the Sweihan area of ​​Al Ain. Last Friday also the temperature of the Sweihan area was recorded at 51 degrees Celsius.

It is still premature to determine whether this is going to hottest summer ever recorded, as the 52.1 °C heat was recorded in July 2002 in UAE. But touching the 51-degree figure two times in a week is a new thing.

If we talk about the entire Gulf region, according to the record, the highest temperature ever recorded was in Mitribah in the northern part of Kuwait was 54.0 °C, on 21 July 2016. Which holds the joint record with California’s Death Valley for the highest recorded temperature on Earth.

Speaking to TheBrew, Dubai Astronomy Group CEO, Hasan-Al-Hariri, said that such a high temperature is a strange weather phenomenon, but it would be too early to associate it with the Sun activity that occurs every 11 years cycle. The Sun has entered its maximum activity cycle since 2020, but it is difficult to say that this is the reason for this heat, without data and analysis.

Hassan-al-Hariri added that in his childhood, in the 70s it used to have normal weather even in the summer season, from 90s there is a steady increase in the heat is registered.

Hasan Al Hariri, CEO-Dubai Astronomy Group

In view of the heat, the police and administration in the UAE are also in action. Abu Dhabi Police has warned that leaving children alone and inside vehicles, while a parent or guardian goes shopping or for any other reason is a punishable offense by law. Parents and guardians who leave their children in locked vehicles could face up to 10 years in prison and fines of up to Dh1 million.

As part of the “Summer-Safe-Traffic” campaign, keeping in view the incidence of tire bursts in the summer, Abu Dhabi Police has asked drivers to check the tires of their vehicles and ensure that their tires are in good condition and not damage, which can lead to serious traffic accidents. Police have advised drivers to use tires that conform to the instructions in terms of suitability, size, temperature, maximum load, year of manufacture, and durability for long journeys.

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