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Here’s what actually happens to your body when you accidentally swallow chewing gum

Sat 18 Feb 2023    
| < 1 min read

World: Learning about the potential dangers of swallowing chewing gum is one of those shared moments we all had in our childhood.

If you accidentally swallow chewing gum then the first place it’s going to go is into your stomach, where the body’s internal vat of acid does the crucial job of breaking down the food you eat.

However, the acid can’t dissolve the chewing gum so it continues its fantastic voyage through your innards pretty much intact.

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Stuff in your stomach eventually receives marching orders whether it’s been broken down by the acid or not, and the chewing gum continues its merry way along your digestive tract.

The gum then gets squeezed through your small intestine, which is really not all that small considering its about seven metres long, and steadfastly continues not to be digested on account of being indigestible.

It then ends up in the large intestine, which is only about a metre and a half long but is called large because it’s significantly wider.

This is where your body turns food waste into turds, and normally your swallowed chewing gum will get stuck in the middle of one of these constructed coils of caca and exit your body through the normal way.

Source: Agencies

Chewing Gum body reaction Chewing Gum body reaction

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