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A Unique Fashion Show in the Desert held by Popular Mexican Designer Daniela Cassab in Dubai

Team Brew   Fri 20 Jan 2023    

Dubai: Dubai witnessed an out-of-the-world fashion show, right in the midst of the desert. The dunes, the sunset, the dinner under the stars, and the conversations made for an ethereal setting for Mexican Designer Daniela Cassab. The fashion parade, which represented the designer’s extremely beautiful jackets […]



Team Brew   Fri 07 Oct 2022    

Dubai: For the first time in Dubai, art and fashion lovers are invited to attend the unveiling of Cairo-based fashion designer Rasha Pasha’s Dubai Debut collection, in conjunction with renowned Arabic calligraphy and mixed media marbling artist, Antonella Leoni. In […]


The Rock worth US$30 million is on the move

Zoya Siddiqui   Fri 01 Apr 2022    

This May, “The Rock” will be making a grand entrance through the doors of Christie’s auction in Geneva. Make no mistake, it is not just any rock, but The Rock – a 228.31-carat white diamond with a presale estimate between […]


Get glammed up in the sky: Rihanna’s new lipstick ‘ICON’ at Ain Dubai

Team Brew   Wed 09 Feb 2022    

Have the ultimate girly fun in the clouds at Ain Dubai, where top makeup artists from Fenty Beauty will give you an exclusive sneak peek at the beauty mogul’s lipstick collection Dubai: Ever had your makeup done at 250m in […]


A shoe trend that is making an epic comeback

Team Brew   Fri 03 Dec 2021    

Heels are making a serious comeback, with stars leading the post-lockdown trend for towering footwear. Beyoncé donned a pair of this year’s “it” shoe — six-inch hot pink Versace platform heels — to an event in August, spurring an internet […]


Dubai invites ‘futuristic’ vision for new Emirati dawn

Team Brew   Sun 10 Jan 2021    

Dubai Culture has launched the ‘Emirati Futurism Competition’ inviting creative talents from across the country to share their visions of the future of Emirati culture & its evolution through technology. The competition comprises seven categories including: Architecture and Urbanism; Fashion […]


Namita’s Natter // Princess Diana And The Phenomenon Of The Revenge Dress

   Sun 13 Dec 2020    

Breakups are always hard. And when you’re a celebrity who is constantly facing a million, unforgiving cameras, it’s infinitely harder. Enter, the revenge dress.  What Is A Revenge Dress? A revenge dress refers to a knockout, drop-dead gorgeous look sported […]


Namita’s Natter // Why does India have a problem with male influencers?

   Sun 06 Dec 2020    

“Why don’t you wear a bra and bangles also?”“You need to come out of the closet.”“Gay.”“Start behaving like a man, try playing football.” These are just some of the (more decent) comments that India’s male influencers are bombarded with on […]


Festivals galore! Dubai unveils busy 2021 stacked with events

Team Brew   Mon 23 Nov 2020    

Dubai is set to host a grand total of 19 retail festivals over the course of 2021, officials unveiled earlier this month, including a range of distinctive events, activities and experiences across the emirate to revitalise its economic and tourism […]


Gucci flaunts wild, wild 60s with a dash of Gen Z in latest era

Team Brew   Sun 22 Nov 2020    

Gucci is revisiting 1960s handbags and other classics in its latest collection, mixing them with up-to-the-minute sneakers and logoed skateboards, as it seeks to reach a wider audience and reverse a fall in sales after years of stellar growth. With […]


‘11.11’: A row of one’s whirl in the biggest e-shopping bonanza of the year!

Team Brew   Wed 11 Nov 2020    

Consumers worldwide snapped up everything from food to electronics to beauty goods Wednesday as retailers slashed prices for the largest ‘double 11’ online shopping bonanza, closely eyed by analysts this year for deeper insight on post-pandemic consumer sentiment.  The marathon […]