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Dubai school celebrates World Book Day by having students dress up as their beloved fictional characters

Mon 06 Mar 2023    
The Brew Reader | 2 min read

Dubai: World Book Day, also known as the International Day of the Book, is celebrated on March 2, 2023, every year. GEMS First Point School celebrated this educational event on March 3, 2023, by having students and staff dress up as their beloved book characters. The primary staff contributed to this celebration by donning group costumes with the rest of their year group team, for example, the Year 6 team all wore alien costumes inspired by the book named ‘Baby Aliens Got My Teacher’.

This educational event was created by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) to celebrate the creation of books and reading. This event allows students all over the world to recognize the importance of books, urging them to take up the habit of reading.

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The secondary teachers were grouped in terms of their departments, such as the English department dressing up as characters of ‘An Inspector Calls’. Alongside this, the school hosted multiple events including a parade for the primary students, involving a glamorous large red carpet that students were encouraged to walk down reenacting the mannerisms of their chosen book character.

These enactments brought laughter and joy, creating an appreciative and jubilant environment for all those present. The school also hosted other book-related events, such as a large ‘book swap’ in the school’s main reception, where students were asked to recycle their old books in exchange for new ones, and a ‘BookTok’ competition, in which students were asked to come up with fun and creative ideas for short TikTok videos to promote reading to other students.

GEMS First Point School has successfully brought joy to all of its students on World Book Day, no matter their Key Stage, and educated them on the magic that can be found when exploring new and enticing literature.

This article was contributed by Jessica Mary Gambier Tompkins, intern at The Brew News, and student of GEMS First Point School.

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