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Emirates Park Zoo partners with Abu Dhabi Municipality for beach clean-up

The Brew News Team   Tue 05 Mar 2024    

Emirates Park Zoo and Resort, demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship by spearheading a beach clean-up drive at Bahia Beach. Abu Dhabi: Emirates Park Zoo and Resort, a leading destination for wildlife enthusiasts, demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship by […]


Adventure and wildlife activities this winter: Are you up for it?

Babar Siddiqui   Thu 05 Oct 2023    

EN-WWF organises field activities for nature lovers Every winter, Emirates Nature-WWF (EN-WWF) organises a slew of outdoor activities under their ‘Leaders of Change’ initiative for nature lovers. If you are adventurous in spirit then these field activities are just for […]


A Sea Otter Keeps Stealing Surfboards, And Authorities Are On Her Tail

The Brew News Team   Mon 17 Jul 2023    

Wildlife officials determined that a sea otter from California who has a habit of stealing surfboards is endangering both herself and others, therefore she is now on the run. She goes by the name Otter 841. In 2021, the then-5-year-old […]


This Day, That Year – March 14

The Brew News Team   Tue 14 Mar 2023    

This day in history we feature the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge. The first national wildlife refuge in the US, is established by President Theodore Roosevelt on this day in 1903. Trivia – Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge Pelican Island […]


Meet and greet with 4 wildlife hero mascots at The Green Planet Dubai

The Brew News Team   Sat 04 Mar 2023    

Dubai: Four friendly wildlife protectors from different parts of the world are joining forces at The Green Planet Dubai this March 2023.  On a mission to save the planet, the group of life-like animals including a playful polar bear named Theodore […]


Al Ain Zoo welcomed 226 students on the unique Al Ain Safari in 2022

Brew Admin   Wed 01 Feb 2023    

Al Ain: In 2022, Al Ain Zoo was delighted to welcome 226 students on the unique Al Ain Safari to provide an exceptional learning experience offered by the school programs team to teach the younger generation about different ecosystems and […]


Al Ain Zoo detects 5 new migratory and birds species

Brew Admin   Sat 31 Dec 2022    

Al Ain: Al Ain Zoo recently monitored 108 migrant and resident birds, of which five are classified as new species, as part of its annual study carried out to monitor biodiversity and examine the status of the Zoo’s environment as […]


India welcomes the cheetah after 70years of extinction. Will they survive this time?

Babar Siddiqui   Sat 17 Sep 2022    

Amid much fanfare, the smallest of ‘big’ cats, the cheetah, has been introduced to Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh in India. Cheetah run across continents Historically, cheetahs were found across continents from Africa and Iran to India. So prolific […]


Let’s read, what Lioness Kira wants to tell you from Al Ain Zoo

Brew Admin   Mon 01 Aug 2022    

Al Ain: Only 20 thousand lions still living in the wild because trophy hunting ends the life of over 600 lions a year. I am Kira, a fearless lioness and one of the biggest celebrities here at Al Ain Zoo; […]


71 falcons were released into the wild

Brew Admin   Thu 16 Jun 2022    

Abu Dhabi: The Sheikh Zayed Falcon Release Programme (SZFRP) continues to enhance its contribution to nature conservation by releasing 71 falcons into the wilds of Kazakhstan, reinforcing its position as one of the largest wildlife conservation programmes in the world. […]


Zoos collect DNA samples of animals before they go extinct

Babar Siddiqui   Sun 29 May 2022    

New species are discovered and go extinct all the time. Unfortunately, these events are happening at an accelerated rate, between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate, according to the WWF website. In response to this troubling trend, […]