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This Viral $20 Bag Is Being Called the Hottest Product of 2023

The Brew News Team   Sun 11 Jun 2023    

Find the most sought-after accessory of the season at your neighborhood Uniqlo. Introducing the Round Mini Shoulder Bag, a water-resistant top-zip polyester bag that has surprisingly amassed millions of views on TikTok. But it gets better – it is one […]


Elon Musk’s idea to deal with traffic isn’t entirely perfect

Brew Admin   Sat 08 Jan 2022    

Elon Musk’s claims on Twitter was that it was ‘traffic forever, or tunnels,’ which he decided to re-invent in the tunnel to solve vehicle congestion. However, things have taken a turn, when his own tunnel creation has failed to solve […]


Exclusive Video: Loving husband gives wife a Rolls-Royce worth Dh 1.5 million as a birthday gift

Shaneer N. Siddiqui   Tue 05 Oct 2021    

Watch exclusively only on TheBrew, how a Dubai-based Indian expatriate Amjad Sithara decided to take the birthday celebration of his wife to the next level — by surprising his wife Marjana with a sleek new Rolls-Royce on her special day. […]


In Video: Earthquake hits Mexico, people stranded mid-air in swaying cable car

Shaneer N. Siddiqui   Wed 08 Sep 2021    

ACAPULCO, Mexico: A powerful earthquake struck southwestern Mexico near the beach resort of Acapulco on Tuesday night, killing at least one man who was crushed by a falling post, and causing rockfalls and damaging buildings, authorities said. The 7.0 magnitude […]


She’s an extraordinary granny!

Brew Admin   Sat 04 Sep 2021    

Meet Pauline “Granny” Kana, a 95-year-old who has been making people laugh online with her hilarious antics for years now. It all started in 2013 while her grandson Ross Smith was still at the University of Dayton. Smith was just […]


Healing Hearts one tip-toe at a time!

Brew Admin   Fri 03 Sep 2021    

The University of Utah Hospital was treated to quite a performance that has gone viral on social media recently.  The caption with the tweet read, “A moment of pure joy at University of Utah.” In the video, the gentleman dressed […]


Creating a web of its own!

Brew Admin   Wed 01 Sep 2021    

Have you ever seen a spider weave its own web? Well, a video of such a scenario has gone viral all over social media with over 176.7k views. The clip was initially tweeted by an account of the name Buitengebieden. […]


A Burger with a special surprise!

Brew Admin   Mon 30 Aug 2021    

Getting a burger turned into a bit of a shocker for this woman in Wisconsin’s McDonald’s drive-through. She noticed a cow in another car’s backseat, and could not believe what she saw with her own eyes.  The lady now identified […]


Dad, please uninstall your WhatsApp. A Covid positive doctor’s letter to her parents in India.

Shaneer N. Siddiqui   Thu 22 Apr 2021    

When 2020 was started, many young medicos were entering this sector with the new mission, hope, and energy. Suddenly Covid-19 knocked and badged them with a corona worrier tag. Forced them to encounter the worst phase of any medical professional […]


Art or Alien? US desert sprouts metal ‘obelisk’ out of nowhere

Brew Admin   Wed 25 Nov 2020    

A mysterious metal “obelisk” found buried in the remote western United States desert has inflamed the imaginations of UFO spotters, conspiracy theorists and Stanley Kubrick fans around the world. The shiny, triangular pillar — which protrudes approximately 12 feet from […]


‘One good tip deserves…’: Customer drops $3K at beloved COVID-hit restaurant

Brew Admin   Tue 24 Nov 2020    

A customer left a $3,000 tip for a single beer as a restaurant voluntarily closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cleveland, Ohio. The man walked into Nighttown on Sunday, ordered the beer and asked for the check, which came […]