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This Day, That Year – November 9

Brew Admin   Wed 09 Nov 2022    

This day in history we feature Venus Express. The European Space Agency launched the first Venus exploration mission on this day in 2005. Trivia – Venus Express The Venus Express (VEX) mission is launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, […]


Scientists speculate that we may have friends far away on Venus

Brew Admin   Tue 21 Dec 2021    

Scientists believe Venus could be harbouring alien lifeforms. The planet, which sits a casual 47 million kilometres from us in our solar system, has ammonia in its upper atmosphere. Researchers have reportedly been fixated on why Venus’ atmosphere contains the […]


After Mars, UAE sets course for Planet Venus!

Vismay Anand   Tue 05 Oct 2021    

DUBAI: The United Arab Emirates Space Agency announced the commencement of a new Emirati interplanetary mission, designed to further accelerate the young nation’s space engineering, scientific research, and exploration capabilities and drive innovation and opportunity in the country’s private sector. […]


‘Gas-find linked to life on Venus’: NASA lauds discovery, hopes to set on E.T hunt

Brew Admin   Wed 16 Sep 2020    

The atmosphere of Venus contains a gas that on Earth can be attributed to living organisms, scientists said Monday, a discovery the head of NASA called “the most significant development yet” in the hunt for extraterrestrial life. Conditions on our […]