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Singapore Airlines is paying staff a bonus of 8 months’ salary

The Brew News Team   Tue 21 May 2024    

New Delhi: Singapore Airlines, clinched the title of the world’s best airline last year, announced it will offer its employees a bonus worth nearly eight months of salary. On Wednesday, the company disclosed a record annual net profit of $1.98 […]


Excess Pesticide Content: Singapore recalls Everest Fish Curry Masala

The Brew News Team   Sun 21 Apr 2024    

“The Centre for Food Safety in Hong Kong has issued a notification on the recall of Everest Fish Curry Masala from India due to the presence of ethylene oxide at levels exceeding permissible limit,” read the SFA statement. Singapore has […]


DHL Global Connectedness Index: Netherlands remains the most globalized country, UAE ranks 6th in the Top 10

The Brew News Team   Thu 16 Mar 2023    

Dubai: DHL and New York University’s Stern School of Business released the new DHL Global Connectedness Index 2022, an in-depth report on the state of globalization and its prospects. Analyzing data from 171 countries and territories, it reveals how flows […]


Scientists 3D print food to solve future supply issues

Brew Admin   Tue 09 Aug 2022    

You may want to rethink food because scientists are working on 3D-printed grub, a team of scientists based in Singapore have been looking for ways to deal with future food supply problems and decided to just print some. So the […]


Myth-squash: Is warm lemon-honey water really helpful for weight loss?

Dr. Nidhi Agarwal   Wed 09 Mar 2022    

Weight loss that is constantly trending — that is possibly the biggest marketing gimmick of the ages. If there is something that has the words ‘weight loss’, it quite instantly catches your eyes, right? I would recommend to all readers […]


Visit the Singapore Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai

Brew Admin   Wed 16 Feb 2022    

Press play to take a tour of the Singapore Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai with Team Brew.


How they keep food fresh with this bacteria-killing packaging

Brew Admin   Thu 06 Jan 2022    

A team of scientists from NTU Singapore and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, US, has developed a ‘smart’ food packaging material that is biodegradable, sustainable and kills microbes that are harmful to humans. It could also extend the […]


Singapore to tackle food sustainability with its unique future plans

Brew Admin   Fri 05 Nov 2021    

DUBAI: Singapore’s envious reputation as a garden city is about to get much greener, with ambitious plans to introduce more edible gardens to lessen the island state’s reliance on imported food, a World Majlis event on natural cities expressed at […]


Six Trends Transforming the Digital Media Industry

Guest View   Mon 06 Sep 2021    

Digital Media is blurring its shape. Lines between media types are disappearing, consumers are creators, and entertainment is daubing tech and retail all over itself. Content is ever-present, consistent across platforms, and individually personalized. As our physical world blends with […]


In case if you missed “The UAE’s 10 principles for the next 50 years”, here is the list

Shaneer N. Siddiqui   Mon 06 Sep 2021    

In case if you missed the 10 principles, who are going to act as guidelines for all UAE’s institutions as the country approaches a new phase of development over the next 50 years as directed by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin […]


Finding Your Vision – What’s Your Calling? Here are ten ways to uncover your calling

Guest View   Mon 06 Sep 2021    

Everyone has a unique way of contributing to the world, what’s yours?If you know you’re here for a reason and you’re supposed to create or do something that has a positive impact on the world, keep reading. Here are ten […]