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Onwani app will empower Abu Dhabi residents to navigate their way across the capital

The Brew News Team   Sat 08 Apr 2023    

Abu Dhabi: The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) has launched a media campaign to raise awareness among Abu Dhabi residents about the “Onwani” project, which is the unified spatial addressing project for Abu Dhabi. This innovative system employs advanced […]


Research says UAE residents may continue to spend less as cost-of-living skyrockets

Brew Admin   Mon 18 Jul 2022    

Inflation is biting into household budgets across the globe. It’s no different in the UAE, where inflation metrics have shown an increase. The latest YouGov Realtime study explores how inflation has affected people’s cost of living in the UAE as […]


UAE residents are leading a more sustainable life as per new research conducted by Censuswide

Brew Admin   Tue 22 Mar 2022    

DUBAI: Almost 50% of women living in the United Arab Emirates plan to take on more sustainable initiatives, according to a major study released that canvassed how environmentally conscious UAE residents are and how important it is for them to […]


People are happy in Abu Dhabi as per the Department of Community Development

Brew Admin   Mon 21 Mar 2022    

ABU DHABI: The Department of Community Development (DCD) in Abu Dhabi has announced that the quality of life indicators in the emirate show increased happiness and satisfaction rates. Dr. Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Chairman of the DCD, stated that caring […]


Gotta re-order the Aadhaar? No fret, just hop online!

Brew Admin   Mon 16 Nov 2020    

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UADAI) has inaugurated a new “Order Aadhaar Card” service which allows residents to issue their Aadhaar letter reprint by paying nominal charges of Rs. 50, in the event that the holder’s Aadhaar letter has […]


UAE boosts Golden Residency, set to roll out decade-long stays for virus experts

Brew Admin   Sun 15 Nov 2020    

ABU DHABI — The UAE Cabinet has announced major changes in the Golden Residency programme aimed at attracting and retaining experts and talented professionals from various fields and scientific disciplines. The changes will take place starting from 1st December, 2020. […]


Against the Tide // What Indians & Pakistanis in UAE must send home apart from petro dollars

Mohd Asim   Sun 11 Oct 2020    

There is something much more precious than petro dollars that Indians and Pakistanis living in UAE can send back home. It’s tolerance. The two nationalities form the biggest chunk of population in the Emirates. They enjoy the fruit of multi-culturalism […]


One, two wreak-downs from Hurricanes Laura, Delta, brings weary Louisiana to its knees

Brew Admin   Sun 11 Oct 2020    

In the southwest corner of Louisiana, residents are beginning the second wave of recovery after two storms brought damaging effects within a six week span. Creole, where Delta made landfall Friday, was struck with top winds of 100 mph (155 […]