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How many horses do you see?

Team Brew   Wed 04 Jan 2023    

World: People are ranting on social media in shock over a horse optical illusion. A painting by artist Bev Doolittle named ‘Pintos’ has been taking the internet by storm, causing a heated debate over just how many horses are in the image. It seems […]


Watch: Mona Lisa painting smeared with cake by climate change activist

Babar Siddiqui   Mon 30 May 2022    

In a surprise attack by a climate change activist, cake was smeared across the Mona Lisa artwork at the Louvre in Paris, shocking art fans. According to reports, the famous Mona Lisa painting in Louvre was smeared with cake by […]


AED 3 million painting has been vandalised by a bored security guard

Vismay Anand   Thu 10 Feb 2022    

A security guard who got bored on his first day at work decided to draw eyes on a valuable modern art painting worth a whopping $1 million (AED 3 million). The painting that was defaced is the ‘Three Figures’ by […]


A decorator amazes everyone with his skills

Team Brew   Sun 19 Dec 2021    

People are amazed after seeing a man ‘paint an entire wall’ in a matter of seconds. While most of us might take an afternoon or even day to get a good coating on a single wall, a decorator has gone […]


For art sake: Secretive artist Banksy pledges millions to save a prison

Babar Siddiqui   Mon 06 Dec 2021    

Banksy is making headlines yet again. He has volunteered to collect millions of pounds to purchase the Reading Prison, where Oscar Wilde was briefly imprisoned, and transform it into an artists centre. It was decommissioned in 2013 and is scheduled […]


Paintings invited for 10th Indo-Pak peace calendar, from the students of India and Pakistan nationality

Shaneer N. Siddiqui   Wed 10 Nov 2021    

At a time when India-Pakistan relations at state to state level are not cozy, it seems that people to people relations would still continue. Recently, Aaghaz-e-Dosti, which is an Indo-Pak Friendship Initiative and mostly works with school students on both […]


A masterpiece found hidden in plain sight!

Team Brew   Mon 20 Sep 2021    

Tom Ruggio often sat in solitude at the Church of the Holy Family which is located just a few blocks from the campus of Iona College. Ruggio who has lived in Italy for about nine years studying art could not […]


‘The Journey of Humanity’ painting sold for over AED227 million

Team Brew   Tue 23 Mar 2021    

DUBAI – “The Journey of Humanity”, Sacha Jafri’s ground-breaking painting created during COVID-19, has been sold for AED 227,757,000 (USD 62 million) – double the amount it aimed to raise in support of children around the world most affected by […]