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‘World’s Most Dangerous Bird’ swims in ocean as beachgoers watch in awe

The Brew News Team   Wed 15 Nov 2023    

If you thought the beach was just for catching waves and soaking up the sun, think again! In a bizarre twist of events, beachgoers were left wide-eyed as the ‘world’s most dangerous bird’ decided to swap its usual turf for […]


A fish colony the size of Malta has been discovered in Antarctica

Brew Admin   Sat 15 Jan 2022    

A colony of 60 million breeding fish has been discovered in Antarctica’s ice-covered Weddell Sea, which was an unknown ecosystem of the past that covers an area the size of Malta. This find indicates truly how much the world knows […]


Confetti-like display in the wide blue ocean! Watch to see how!

Brew Admin   Sun 29 Aug 2021    

An enchanting video of a group of stingrays swimming together in the ocean has gone viral all over social media. The video that was originally shared by the account @buitengebieden_ has accumulated over 180k views so far. Social media users […]