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Pakistan, Nepal back on Human Rights Council, China clings to spot after dramatic drop in confidence

Brew Admin   Wed 14 Oct 2020    

Pakistan and Nepal were re-elected to the UN Human Rights Council on Tuesday, as China managed to scrape their place in by the skin of the teeth, and Saudi Arabia was left in the cold entirely. Fifteen positions were up […]


Nigerian govt dissolves ‘brutal’ police unit after allegations of crimes against citizens

Brew Admin   Mon 12 Oct 2020    

Nigeria has dissolved a special police unit after public protests alleging brutality and will launch an investigation into its activities, the presidency announced Sunday. The scrapping of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) will take effect immediately, the office said in […]


China releases Xinjiang report, nearly 1.3m Uighurs given ‘training’ every year

Brew Admin   Fri 18 Sep 2020    

China, on Thursday, released a State Council white paper claiming that its far western Xinjiang region – that is currently under international fire and scrutiny – has provided ‘vocational training’ to nearly 1.3 million workers every year, between 2014 to […]