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Indonesia’s all-women forest warriors stand guard over Sumatran wildlife

Brew Admin   Thu 17 Dec 2020    

Indonesia’s Sumatra island is a thriving ground for several at-risk wildlife, tigers and pangolins among them. But on-and-off illegal hunts have threatened their survival. And one unique group of ‘warriors’ are not happy about it. A 30-strong team of female […]


Pangolin rescue group sniffs out poachers, nurses injured mammals back to health

Brew Admin   Thu 05 Nov 2020    

Emaciated, badly injured, and rescued from poachers, a number of pangolins arriving at a Johannesburg wildlife clinic, are now being nursed back to health by a dedicated team of volunteers. Pangolins are unique creatures; the world’s only mammals with scales. […]


‘Devils’ set to roam free in Aussie forests, the wild creatures make a return after 3,000 years

Brew Admin   Thu 08 Oct 2020    

Tasmanian devils, the carnivorous marsupials whose feisty, frenzied eating habits won the animals cartoon fame, have returned to mainland Australia for the first time in some 3,000 years. “Seeing those devils released into a wild landscape — it’s a really […]