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Companies in UAE carrying the essence of tolerance lead by example on Cultural Diversity Day

The Brew News Team   Thu 25 May 2023    

Dubai: The UAE is a melting pot of cultures and the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development fell on Sunday 21. Many organisations celebrated the occasion in the poster city of Dubai over the weekend while some […]


Coca-Cola’s Bottlers certified as a great place to work in UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman

Brew Admin   Wed 06 Apr 2022    

DUBAI: Gulf Coca-Cola Beverages – Coca-Cola’s Bottlers in UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman – announced they have been certified as a Great Place to Work® in all four countries, in its first attempt, with the UAE placed in the top […]


Art mural at Kite Beach to inspire dialogue on diversity in Dubai

Brew Admin   Sun 20 Mar 2022    

DUBAI: Converse is celebrating inclusivity and highlighting the importance of local creatives in the latest instalment of Converse Create Next Murals, now live at Kite Beach in Dubai. Located near the main cluster of food trucks, the mural wall was […]


The Breadth of Humanity journey — A tour through the Expo site to inspire visitors to reflect on cultural collaborations

Brew Admin   Sat 13 Nov 2021    

DUBAI: Visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai can explore the innate human desire to accept and embrace different cultures and faiths through the ages as part of the Breadth of Humanity journey – just one of many curated tours available at […]


Art Dubai to burst on-scene with live shows, diverse displays

Brew Admin   Thu 17 Dec 2020    

The region’s main art fair – Art Dubai – is set to showcase the local budding talent in its 14th edition to run from March 17-20 next year. The exhibit has made its return with 85 galleries from 36 countries to coincide with […]


”Together is Beautiful’: Musicians from nearly 200 countries play a diverse global tune

Brew Admin   Sun 06 Dec 2020    

For the first time in music history, 197 musicians – one from each country – have formed an orchestra, hoping to exemplify how people can transcend physical and cultural borders to come together. The Earth Orchestra’s song “Together is Beautiful” […]


Nike Japan tackles racism and bullying in new self-love advert

Brew Admin   Tue 01 Dec 2020    

Ever since their 1988 “Just Do It” ad, sports brand Nike has become known for producing commercials that spark a conversation and leave a lasting impression on viewers. Last year saw the brand tackling the negative undertones in queries launched at […]


‘Eishy Bilady’ fever takes over UAE ahead of 49th National Day

Brew Admin   Tue 24 Nov 2020    

The UAE community will unite in harmony as they lend their voices to a unique performance of the UAE National Anthem for the 49th UAE National Day. The emirates is seeking to bring people together by inviting them to record […]


Disney+ ups sentiment on racism disclaimer warning, opens dialogue on an ‘inclusive future’

Brew Admin   Tue 20 Oct 2020    

Disney+ has plussed out with the wording of its updated disclaimer, owning up to past errors that racialized its era-bygone characters — and now, subtly adding a new layer to its warnings to all its ‘negative’ content.  The streaming platform has rephrased […]


Against the Tide // Tanishq Ad row: India needs a brand like Nike that’ll ‘Just Do It’

Mohd Asim   Sun 18 Oct 2020    

The controversy over an advertisement by Indian jewellery brand Tanishq shows us how broken we are. Tanishq put out an advertisement that promotes religious, cultural harmony and all hell broke loose in the troll republic. How dare Tanishq show anything […]


Against the Tide // What Indians & Pakistanis in UAE must send home apart from petro dollars

Mohd Asim   Sun 11 Oct 2020    

There is something much more precious than petro dollars that Indians and Pakistanis living in UAE can send back home. It’s tolerance. The two nationalities form the biggest chunk of population in the Emirates. They enjoy the fruit of multi-culturalism […]