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This Day, That Year – March 16

The Brew News Team   Thu 16 Mar 2023    

This day in history we feature the Gemini 8. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and David Scott launched the spacecraft on this day in 1966. Trivia – Gemini 8 Gemini 8 (officially Gemini VIII) was the sixth crewed spaceflight in NASA’s Gemini […]


This Day, That Year – January 8

Brew Admin   Sun 08 Jan 2023    

This day in history we feature the SpaceX Dragon. The first private spacecraft to carry astronauts to orbit was launched on this day in 2010. Trivia – SpaceX Dragon Dragon was privately developed spacecraft built by the American corporation SpaceX. […]


NASA is on course to crash the ISS in 2031

Vismay Anand   Sat 05 Feb 2022    

In a recent report, NASA has indicated how the future will look for ISS and how it will ultimately end up in a ‘spacecraft cemetery.’  Writing in the International Space Station Transition Report, NASA said, “The ISS is a unique […]


A solution to help astronauts with eye troubles in space

Brew Admin   Fri 10 Dec 2021    

An astronaut’s eyes can change during spaceflights that last six months or more. That could be a problem for future planned missions. After decades of research, scientists may have a seemingly unlikely solution: a sleeping bag, developed in conjunction with […]


Tide gives NASA a hand to clean dirty laundry in space

Babar Siddiqui   Thu 24 Jun 2021    

As luck would have it, it will soon be possible for astronauts to wash their clothes in space. Tide® has joined hands with NASA to develop unique laundry detergent solutions to be used by astronauts in space. According to research, […]


Let’s gear up for Space-cation, first space hotel is expected to open in 2027

Brew Admin   Sat 06 Mar 2021    

Orbital Assembly Corporation is the worlds first large scale space construction company, recently announced new details about its ambitious plan to build a hotel above the Earth’s atmosphere. The Gateway Foundation first proposed this concept in 2012, and the California […]