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Maimed street-dog paws a brave path from Indian curbs to English hills

Brew Admin   Wed 18 Nov 2020    

With a wagging tail, an Indian street dog that lost its front legs in a train accident headed Wednesday for a new life in the English countryside. The three-year-old mutt was found “covered in blood” and badly injured after being […]


Britain’s ‘most remote’ island reels back fishing, extraction to safeguard rare marine life

Brew Admin   Sun 15 Nov 2020    

Tristan da Cunha, aptly named the ‘most remote inhabited island on Earth’ with all of 245 permanent residents, has now banned fishing and other “extractive activities” in its surrounding waters, on a firm path to safeguard its marine wildlife. The […]


K-pop’s Blackpink slammed over panda ‘mishandling’ in newest line of S.Korea-China netizen clash

Brew Admin   Wed 11 Nov 2020    

A reality TV episode showing K-pop girl band BLACKPINK holding a newly born panda was pulled after accusations in China that the group mishandled a national treasure, becomes the latest row between South Korea’s entertainment stars and audiences from its […]


Japan officials discover 164 starved, flee-bitten dogs crammed in tiny house

Brew Admin   Thu 05 Nov 2020    

Japanese health officials have found 164 emaciated dogs crammed into a tiny house in one of the country’s worst cases of animal hoarding, an animal rights activist said on Wednesday, The parasite-infested animals were found in a 30 square-metre (323 […]


‘Deer friendly’ bags all-rage in Japanese city to save their doe-eyed from toxic plastics

Brew Admin   Mon 26 Oct 2020    

Nara Park in western Japan is home to an impressive herd of wild deers, that draw massive tourist crowds. But often these hoofed mammals suffer from accidental consumption of plastic bags discarded by the visitors to their home. Acknowledging this […]


Cubans say Adiós to cruelty, as animal rights law cracks down on ‘dog-fight’ scene

Brew Admin   Thu 15 Oct 2020    

Havana’s streets teem with abandoned animals and are littered with carcasses of chickens sacrificed in religious rituals, while, behind closed doors, dogs are thrown into illegal deadly fights. But things are changing in Cuba thanks to pressure from a growing […]