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Winters and Pandemic Fatigue

Sat 11 Dec 2021    
Dr. Nidhi Agarwal | 3 min read

The frosty winters are in but lo and behold, the pandemic fatigue has accompanied the chills as an additional frill. Overwhelmed with suppressed emotions for two long devious years, it is time to catch up with friends and family and usher in joyful festivities. But did we forget about our health? Have we parked it aside for a while?

Smog is killing us. People are dying due to silent heart attacks; kids are developing weak bones, lifestyle diseases, and behavioural changes are pretty standard these days. Women of the house are fighting with their very own multi-tasking attitude, and men are under excess pressure due to lack of focus as it has been WFH – work from home. What are we doing to prevent all these?

As we have been longing for a normal life for two years, we have gone careless about health perspective. We always hear prevention is better than cure, but how will we prevent any disease if we don’t take precautions. Correct?

As I mentioned earlier, winter is knocking. It definitely brings with it dry skin, thinning of hair, weight issues, diabetes, joint inflammation, depression, allergies, and most importantly, cardiac ailments. All of the above diseases have come into the red flag zone due to WFH.

So here I will share a few tips on how to take care of your health and your loved ones in your busy scenarios, a small Santa gift to you before the jingles of happiness and health.

Winter is usually accompanied by dryness. The best way to overcome it is the application of oil. For better nourishment of the body, use coconut oil, sesame oil, shea butter, and face use kumkumadi, jojoba, and argan oil. For skin glow, the magic recipe is H2O, aka plain water. Stay hydrated for moist skin. Eat good fat as winters are all about good food. Include ghee, olive oil, sesame oil, avocado oil for cooking and incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables, especially spinach, carrot and beetroot. Let the food heal you and get you doing a happy feet dance on your heels.

For thick hair strands, start doing oil treatment followed by steaming for better absorption of oil in the roots. Strengthen your roots internally by including moringa, fenugreek, hibiscus tea, and have sufficient proteins in the diet. Avoid hot showers but use lukewarm water instead to clean your scalp. Post that, do a gorgeous hairdo and look your glam best during the festivities.

Our joints are the body parts that give out the loudest cry for attention in winter. Inflammation due to winters is firstly due to lack of blood flow to the extremities and secondly due to variation in barometric pressure. The only respite is to stay warm, stay active and stay hydrated. Sunlight is the best medicine for joints, which, if unavailable, one needs supplements like Vitamin D, Omega3 and glucosamine. So bask a bit under the sun in the early mornings and let the rays make you glow and blow away the joint aches.

Weight gain is a by-product of fun times during winters which finally lands up in thyroid, diabetes and obesity. To balance it out, one needs to manage the activity level so that metabolism doesn’t become sluggish. Choose fruits over sweets when that binge attack comes into your mind. Eat loads of salads to stay away from hunger pangs. Replace sugar with jaggery and strictly say no to packed and processed foods. Eat well, but smart eating will get you there to the aisle of good health and glow.

Weather change brings in allergies like itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, headaches and rashes on the body. The best remedy for preventing allergies is to keep your surroundings clean. Wash your sheets every 5th day, bathe with neem leaves and dab coconut oil post-bath to retain moisture to the skin. For nasal blockage, use almond oil, ghee or sesame oil in the nostrils. For the dryness of the eyes, use Triphala ghee. To make the selfie cams speak oodles about your gorgeousness, avoid the screen time and indulge in rest to the eyes to make them shine and radiate your festive aura.

Seasonal affective disorder – a type of depression that aggravates in winters and wanes in summers.

Insomnia, weight gain, social withdrawal and anxiety are usual symptoms. The cold air, gloomy surroundings, and loads of winter wear layers make an individual lazy. That’s completely fine, so don’t feel low. Speak out, reach out and prioritize yourself. Love yourself a tad bit more and give yourself a complete indulgence.

WHO recently said cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the post covid era. Steps to a healthy heart are regular checkups, less caffeine, less stress, cutting down on salt and sugar, quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol in addition to staying active the whole day and most importantly, sleeping on time. One should do yoga or meditation regularly for improving life quality.

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