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Weight Games!

Sun 14 Feb 2021    
| 3 min read

“Should I eat chia seeds for weight loss?”

“Should I fast for 16 hrs for weight loss?”

“Should I eat less carbs for weight loss?”

“Should I drink ACV for weight loss?”

“Should I do Zumba or Pilates for weight loss?”

“In all these, should I do this”, and “Should I eat that?

The doctor in me finally screams – Please stop these Weight Games and spare yourself. Take a deep breath and relax!

When people visit my clinic with a singular question in mind “How much weight will I lose in one month?”, my reply is always, “You are at the wrong place as I don’t give weight loss programs”. According to me weight loss is a gradual process which happens on its own once you know what the cause of weight gain is. It can be due to mental stress, hormonal imbalance, genetic traits, lifestyle factors, etc.

There is never one thing alone in this world that can help you to lose weight. It’s a cumulative effect of consistency, persistence and dedication towards fitness which leads to weight loss.

In these weight games I sympathize with the ones who blindly follow the masses and actually become losers in the long run. Quite a number of them become chronic kidney patients, few develop IBS, many develop allergies to food and then there are others who don’t even remember their real self as they are always on a so-called trendy diet.

Many of my patients had previously reverted to other nutritional experts because ‘shortcuts ka zamana hai aur logon ko bus kuch logon ko hi to dikhana hai!!’ But those who believed in me got results. I respect my dedicated fitness challengers who never even ask me, “When is my next cheat meal doc?”

We all know that anything in excess is harmful so if you become over conscious with your health it’s harmful too. Why? Because we are humans, and we are born to make mistakes. Show me one person who is a fitness freak and has never tasted anything unhealthy in last few years… I rest my case. It is next to impossible to conform to a strict diet as circumstances or temptations force us to do wander off the diet track. I am guilty of this too as I occasionally eat out, but I know how to balance it. Did I hear balance?

Yes, my friends. God has gifted us a balanced body which our ancient wise men have defined as doshas or temperament. It is us humans who forget how to balance ourselves in any given situation. We only know how to do things in extreme and then suffer the consequences.

We can enjoy a healthy life by enjoying happy moments with our family, by playing games with the little ones around, by moving around instead of accepting a sedentary lifestyle or by cooking recipes made by the MasterChef at home? I strongly believe that we all definitely can do all this instead of getting tempted by weight games. I believe in removing the root cause of any disease. Rather than running in a rat race where I know I’m harming someone I would love to say – Haar kar jitney wale ko baazigar kehte hai!

My team often asks me why I offer holistic services at my centre when we have an open market for weight games. I love my patients who trust me and I can’t lose that trust for few pennies in my pocket. I am a Winner of Blessings and I urge everyone to stay away from such weight games. Trust me we all are born perfect – Just believe in yourself.

Stay strong stay focused stay happy. Be the Weight Game Changer.

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