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From Mars to Metaverse, as UAE aims high, opportunities open up for India

Shaneer N. Siddiqui   Sun 25 Dec 2022    

Dubai: The year 2022 ends on a positive note with regard to India-UAE relations, with business and political ties between the two countries scaling new heights.The UAE is India’s third largest trading partner and the bilateral trade between them surpasses […]


Improve your concentration to be more effective

Minoo Jokhi   Sat 03 Dec 2022    

Swami Vivekananda rightly said, “The power of concentration is the only key to the treasure-house of knowledge.” This is very rightly said as a person of any age be it a school student or a college student or a professional; […]


Varun Dhawan howls his way into the audience’s hearts

Sid Razi   Wed 30 Nov 2022    

Dubai: The sight of a wolf howling on a full moon night isn’t scary anymore. Director, Amar Kaushik known for the successful “Stree” has found the perfect blend of a thriller-supernatural-creature-comedy with punches that land well to make the viewers […]


Why you should participate in the 30×30 challenge next year?

Guest View   Wed 23 Nov 2022    

Dubai: The 30 days of 30 minutes of fitness activities just ended and we were all invited and encouraged to swap watching the TV for trainers and get active. The Dubai 30×30 Fitness Challenge is an annual celebration of fitness […]


GCC Retail Industry in GCC returns to steady growth after a period of disruption, say experts

Team Brew   Wed 16 Nov 2022    

Dubai: Alpen Capital’s latest retail sector report for the GCC projects the industry to surpass pre-pandemic levels in 2022, registering a 15.7% year-on-year growth and reaching a revenue of US$ 296.8 billion. It adds the industry is expected to further […]


#WorldDiabetesDay: Expert tips to offset Insulin related weight gain in patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Guest View   Mon 14 Nov 2022    

Ohio: Maintaining a healthy weight is important for controlling type 2 diabetes, but for patients who are taking insulin, this can be more challenging, says an expert from the global health system Cleveland Clinic. Exercising, eating correctly and staying at a healthy […]


#WorldDiabetesDay: Six tips to manage and prevent Diabetes

Guest View   Mon 14 Nov 2022    

Dubai: Geneva-based Hôpital de La Tour is reminding people of the importance of a healthy lifestyle for managing and preventing diabetes.   As World Diabetes Day is observed across the globe on November 14, leading specialists from Hôpital de La Tour […]


Everything you need to know about Flu Strains and how they mutate

Guest View   Fri 04 Nov 2022    

Ohio: What is commonly called ‘the flu’ is actually a collection of potentially dangerous influenza virus strains that mutate over time, making it important to have an annual flu vaccination alongside practising everyday prevention techniques, such as proper hand washing, says […]


Emerging future jobs in a global age require more investment in talent

Guest View   Tue 01 Nov 2022    

Dubai: With digitalization sweeping through the banking industry, training professionals to face digital transformation and investing in human capital is becoming a priority to make the most of the evolving economic opportunity and a key driver of economic success.  The […]


Here are some tips for healthier teeth

Guest View   Fri 28 Oct 2022    

Maintaining a healthy smile is a vital part of overall health and well-being. It goes further than just the aesthetic benefits. Our mouth can harbour a range of bacteria, which if left to fester, can cause a variety of health […]


Will AI Replace Humans?

Guest View   Wed 19 Oct 2022    

AI, like any other invention, is a tool. Whether it’s a force of good or an agent of chaos depends on the way we use it. However, the aptness that any AI-based technology provides is undeniable, Yet the question remains […]