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Heels on wheels // Spooked Out in Scotland

Ipsita Barua   Thu 15 Oct 2020    

“I want to get scared, really scared without the antics”, this is what I told the discerning tourist officer at the Edinburgh Tourist Information Centre.  In a flash, she pulled out the Mercat Ghost Tours flyer with a self-proclaimed ‘5-star […]


Namita’s Natter // 10 new-age ‘desi brides’ who are the inspiration every girl needs

   Mon 12 Oct 2020    

The past few months have been a nightmare for Indian women. A 6-year-old child, Ziva Dhoni, was at the receiving end of vicious rape threats because her father, MS Dhoni, lost a cricket match. Actor Anushka Sharma was also trolled […]


Against the Tide // What Indians & Pakistanis in UAE must send home apart from petro dollars

Mohd Asim   Sun 11 Oct 2020    

There is something much more precious than petro dollars that Indians and Pakistanis living in UAE can send back home. It’s tolerance. The two nationalities form the biggest chunk of population in the Emirates. They enjoy the fruit of multi-culturalism […]


Sunday Schmooze // How ties that bind can become ties that gag

Sushmita Bose   Sun 11 Oct 2020    

A few weeks ago, I chanced upon a Twitter thread, stitching together a sociological story on the Indian Male. It began with: “Why do most Indian men still live with their parents?”  A global debate ensued, some insisting it’s a […]


Namita’s Natter // Locked & Down In Covid: The 30-Somethings Are Burning Out Fast

   Tue 06 Oct 2020    

They are young, they are at the prime of their lives, their careers are flourishing, their personal life is great…so why are they depressed?  Most 30-somethings, or young adults, have been complaining of an unsettling weariness that’s been weighing them […]


Sunday Schmooze // Co-Vid-Be? Are we really all cavalier in the name of a pandemic now?

Sushmita Bose   Sun 04 Oct 2020    

There was a movie made in the 1950s called The Blob, which went on to acquire a cult status (it was also remade later, in 1988) in the horror genre.  The flick’s all about an alien amoeboid entity that crash […]


Against the Tide // Target Bollywood: The Big Picture behind the Dirty Picture

Mohd Asim   Sun 04 Oct 2020    

The dirty picture is playing on Indian TV news for weeks. Bollywood is the latest big bad villain for the nation that is regularly served easy targets by the government and TV anchors to vent its outrage on. On the […]


Namita’s Natter // 8 ways in which COVID-19 has changed the way we travel forever

   Wed 30 Sep 2020    

“My passport is bored AF”“Can’t wait to walk down the (airplane) aisle again”“Can we skip to the part where I can travel again?”Yeah, we’ve all seen (and posted) the cheeky rants and statuses that constantly remind us how much we […]


Sunday Schmooze // Sunny v Virushka: Aesthetics v the ugly side

Sushmita Bose   Sun 27 Sep 2020    

The first time I got “acquainted” with Sunil Gavaskar was about four decades ago. I was in Class 3 or 4, and one of my classmates declared (during tiffin-time) she had “secretly” gotten married to “Sunny”: she took a photo […]


Against the Tide // How Indian media managed to not cover the corona crisis

Mohd Asim   Thu 24 Sep 2020    

Coronavirus is the biggest crisis that the world has seen in generations. A virus like no other. It has left the world flat. 10 months since the first infection and the world is still nowhere close to defeat it. As […]


Against the Tide // The Social Dilemma

Mohd Asim   Wed 16 Sep 2020    

The Social Dilemma: Resist the occupation of the human mind Does Social Media do more harm than good? Has the technology started to hurt more than it helps? These are the most important and raging debates of our times. A […]