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Living it up in COVID

Wed 25 Aug 2021    
Dr. Nidhi Agarwal | 3 min read

The latest buzz about Covid-19:
3rd wave is all across the globe.
You can’t stop the waves,
but you can learn how to surf.

Vaccine is widely considered a super weapon against the Corona virus but it definitely is not the sure-shot one. The statement which I commonly hear – Doc, we have taken a jab, we can do whatever we want, we are free to roam anywhere. Alas! After taking vaccine shots we consider ourselves to be invincible, ready to tackle the days ahead. I hope all doctors and scientists are going to agree with me that vaccine shots are for preventing comorbidities (Multiple medical conditions) if Covid attacks you. We salute all Covid warriors who defeated Covid with their optimistic attitude and are back to normal. But what about complications that might hit them post Covid?

Covid gone comorbidities on!
All across the globe, hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, obesity, stomach disorders, intestinal dysfunction, hair loss, fungal infection and most importantly imbalanced mental health cases are on the rise as a post Covid side effect. Prolonged use of Covid medicines can harm our gut and kidney functions.

Inflammation of the liver cells may occur which leads to appetite loss and other related complications.

I have many patients complaining of shortness of breath, chest pain, difficulty in breathing post Covid. Reason being hypoxia- Decreased blood oxygen saturation is a symptom closely related to severe damage to lungs and relatively associated with gastrointestinal dysfunction as well.

Is it wise to ignore these facts just because we want to enjoy life?

Covid can leave us one day, but we have to be prepared to face its consequences. I would like to share few tips which might help you to fight back with our biggest enemy of this century – Mr. Vivid Covid!

Heal your GUT. If your gut is healthy your immune becomes stronger, and you can prevent many diseases. If we all love junk food, Sunday binging, emotional eating, taking care of this immunity-booster soldier can be challenging but there is a simple method. Activating your vagus nerve, is which is a direct connection between gut and brain. It prevents excess inflammation in our system by taking care of the body’s relaxation response.

Gargling with turmeric and salt takes care of the entry point for the virus.

Meditation and relaxation. Yoga and meditation work like saviours. Essential oils, binaural beats and foot massages help us to stay calm. Deep breathing and yoga postures (Pranayam especially anulom vilom) act as rescue remedy for our lungs.

Humming, singing and sound therapy increase the nitric oxide in our system.

Mindful eating. Last but not least the medicine for our gut is FOOD. But the condition for its major impact on our system lies in our senses. Yes, dear readers, food is our medicine only if we observe it, taste it and chew it mindfully. Sounds like common sense, isn’t it? Kindly follow your common sense and keep your gadgets away to enjoy your wholesome meal and reap the best of benefits out of it.

After the strong doses of antivirals, excessive use of homemade Asian ‘kadhas’. Our gut definitely needs a respite. Diversity must exist on your plate. Include more fruits, fibre, fermented food, greens, whole grains, omega 3 rich seeds, legumes sulphur-rich food like broccoli, sprouts, etc.

In the second wave, prevalence rates were highest among young adults compared to senior citizens. This suggests that an increase in socializing drove the resurgence. As per records, there is a dip of 74% in mask usage all across the globe which indeed is alarming. We cannot let our guards down just like that. A few months back when the second wave came everyone was scared, even I had goosebumps. Every day we were getting news about close and loved ones leaving us for the heavenly abode. For Covid, age, caste, gender is no bar. It just attacks and the results are nothing but devastating.

We all keep hearing that prevention is better than cure. The key to ward off Covid attack is to follow Covid appropriate behaviour such as maintaining social distance, using masks and taking vaccines and definitely being an example with them for others to imbibe. We all claim to know these basic precautions, but we need to diligently follow them.  

Social distancing is going to deaf ears. Human beings are social animals, so we certainly need the experience of touch, interaction and being up close and personal but, is it worth it? Think twice before you open your arms wide to your loved ones. Don’t let the virus get to you of your family.

The vividness and avid possibilities of happy and healthy living must not be dimmed away by the fangs of Covid. Stay safe, follow the Covid19 protocols with diligence and let the virus get defeated by your preventive measures. Don’t succumb to it – breath, live, love and overcome it. Believe you can! Breathe in some goodness into your life with the right diet mental calmness emotional strength and a happy demeanour. Be an example of a true Covid Warrior!

Live & Live Totally. Stay safe. Take care.

Disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed in The Brew View – our opinion section – are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of, the company, or any of its members.

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