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Analysis: The UAE, a forward-looking vision to contain the pandemic with vaccines and drugs

Sun 18 Jul 2021    
| 3 min read

ABU DHABI – With a long-term forward-looking vision, the UAE continues its efforts to combat the spread of the COVID-19 variant, with the Ministry of Health and Prevention announcing the adoption of one of the most important modern pharmaceutical drugs that have proven its efficacy in treating the virus so that the country goes far in containing and quelling it.

“Prevention, treatment, and continuity of business and services” was the country’s well-defined strategy since the official announcement of the first confirmed COVID-19 case.

Just as it has been a pioneer in providing various vaccines against the COVID-19 to citizens and residents since the emergence of the pandemic without any discrimination, the UAE has once again proved its precedence in providing the latest advanced drug to treat the virus. A step that affirms the clarity of the UAE’s proactive approach, not only in dealing with the pandemic, but in combating the virus, the acquisition and transfer of experiences to others, and the provision of all its capabilities to help others.

The comprehensive move of the UAE with all its relevant authorities to contain the pandemic is based on a solid scientific methodology, a strong medical infrastructure, and human expertise, all working in harmony, leading to international and regional praise.

As facts and figures are the criteria for success, the UAE has succeeded in being among the first countries in the world in vaccination rates and virus tests compared to the population, and among the most important countries across the world in flexibility in dealing with the virus, according to the testimony of many international institutions.

“Don’t worry”, a reassurance message the UAE leadership has sent to all the citizens and residents of the country since the beginning of the pandemic, which in turn has proved the country’s success in addressing the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With all these messages and the adoption of the principle of “prevention, treatment, and continuity of business”, the directives of the wise leadership were to rely on reliable sources, search for accurate information, and develop strategies to deal with the pandemic.

The approval of the Ministry of Health and Prevention for the “Sotrovimab” drug reflects this strategy, as the authorities are racing against time to distribute the drug quickly and dynamically throughout the country.

It is therefore the flexibility and speed in making decisions and the launch of national initiatives, that make the state reaffirms its qualitative development and high level of management efficiency in all aspects of government work, as it was and still is with the vaccination campaign and the virus tests.

This also shows solid and clear evidence of the existence of a government work system with a distinct professional culture that works in perfect harmony and coordination in line with the leadership directives.

Although the pandemic is a real challenge for any country, the UAE, with the guidance and support of its wise leadership, has succeeded in combating the pandemic repercussions on all sectors, thanks to relying on its national competencies and harnessing all modern technologies, solutions, smart tools and medicines.

The State has been keen on integrating the roles of all concerned authorities and combining their efforts to ensure the health and safety of all society, and the step of approving the new drug comes to re-affirm once again that human health and safety is a priority.

  • This article is written by Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director-General of the Emirates News Agency (WAM)

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