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Lonely to loved: Pakistan’s infamous elephant now ambles free in Cambodia

Brew Admin   Tue 01 Dec 2020    

Kaavan, dubbed the world’s loneliest elephant, finally escaped the meagre confines of a zoo in Islamabad on Monday, and has now taken his first steps to freedom at the wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia. And tagging alongside him at every stage […]


Sharjah ‘largest in region’ Safari prowls closer to opening day

Brew Admin   Thu 26 Nov 2020    

Sharjah is soon to open gates to its ambitious safari project in the city of Al Dhaid, encapsulating facilities and designs that appeal to the masses while also keeping the thriving African wildlife in mind. The Sharjah Safari project, part […]


Choked, strangled, dying: The plastic crisis crippling our oceans

Brew Admin   Thu 19 Nov 2020    

A dead manatee in Florida was found to have swallowed so many plastic bags they formed a cantaloupe-sized ball in its stomach, while a baby turtle had its intestines perforated by tiny plastic fragments. They are some of 1,800 marine […]


Free parking for ‘electro-cars’, says RTA, urges drivers to switch to green

Brew Admin   Mon 28 Sep 2020    

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, unveiled an initiative for exempting electric vehicles licensed in Dubai from public parking fees for two years starting from July 1, 2020. The step supports Dubai’s Green Mobility Strategy by encouraging the use of […]