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This Day, That Year – November 20

Sun 20 Nov 2022    
Brew Admin | < 1 min read

This day in history we feature Flash Comics. DC Comics released Flash Comics Issue 1, featuring Flash Gordon on this day in 1938.

Trivia – Flash Comics

Flash Comics is a comics anthology published by All-American Publications and later by National Periodical Publications (DC Comics). The title had 104 issues published from January 1940 to February 1949. Despite the title, the anthology featured the adventures of multiple superheroes in addition to Jay Garrick, the original Flash. Characters introduced in the series include the Flash, Hawkman (Carter Hall), Hawkgirl and Black Canary.

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The series debuted with a January 1940 cover date and the first issue featured the first appearances of the Golden Age versions of the Flash, Hawkman, and Johnny Thunder. The Flash was later given a solo comic book series, All-Flash which ran for 32 issues between Summer 1941 to January 1948. Artist Joe Kubert’s long association with the Hawkman character began with the story “The Painter and the $100,000” in Flash Comics #62 (Feb. 1945). The Monocle was introduced in #64 as a new foe for Hawkman. Carmine Infantino’s first published work for DC was “The Black Canary”, a six-page Johnny Thunder story in Flash Comics #86 (August 1947) that introduced the superheroine the Black Canary. Writer Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert created the Thorn in issue #89 (November 1947). Flash Comics was cancelled in 1949 with issue #104.[1] The series’ numbering would be continued by the first volume of The Flash series, which debuted during the Silver Age in 1959 and featured Barry Allen as the new Flash.

Source – Wikipedia

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