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Italian investment firm Impero Milano launches UAE venture with Target Plus

Tue 11 Jun 2024    
The Brew News Team | < 1 min read

Dubai: Mounes Al Khatib, Chairman of Target Plus, and Mohamed Ramadan, CEO of Impero Milano, signed a joint cooperation memorandum, leading to the creation of Impero Investment Dubai. The new economic entity will specialize in diverse global investments.

The signing ceremony took place at Atlantis Hotel Dubai on 9th June, 2024, organized by Impero Events and Havers Dubai. Notable attendees included Jacqueline Micol, Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises from the Republic of Congo Brazzaville; His Excellency Kelsie Finocchiara, Italian Ambassador to the UAE; His Excellency Babacar Ndiaye, Senegalese Ambassador to the UAE; His Excellency Diabaye Fakaba, Ivorian Ambassador to the UAE; and His Excellency Khalid Ben Sheikh, Moroccan Consul in Dubai, alongside influential economic and investment figures.

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Mounes Al Khatib praised the collaboration with Impero Milano, highlighting that Impero Investment Dubai will drive multiple projects and investments, significantly enhancing economic ties between the UAE and Italy. He emphasized Dubai’s critical role in the venture’s success, noting the UAE’s reputation for supporting pioneering economic initiatives.

Mohamed Ramadan confirmed a strategic cooperation plan between Target Plus and Impero Milano, ensuring leadership and excellence in finance and business. He commended the professional synergy between the companies, reflecting mutual trust and promising robust economic and investment growth.

Ahmed Bahjat, Chairman of Impero Events, noted the presence of major economic entities at the event, predicting more significant economic activities in the UAE and globally in the coming period.

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